Lawn Calendar

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Weather conditions

Here in Lancashire we have had a particularly wet November but not quite as bad as some other areas of the country. We have experienced a few frosty mornings and should have a few brighter sunnier drier days as the month ends and into the beginning of December. Expect early morning temperatures around freezing.

November Garden chores

Worm casts

Brush away any worm casts. If they become flattened, they make the ideal beds for weed seeds to grow in.

Earthworm activity is at its greatest during the Autumn period. They can be found in all healthy soils but prefer heavy organic soils with a pH from neutral to alkaline.

Worms can be beneficial; their runs and burrows assist drainage and gas exchange between the soil and atmosphere, although high earthworm populations may encourage moles!

To control earthworm populations, I prefer to use cultural methods avoiding the use of chemicals.

Regular fracture tine aeration and scarification to remove thatch will discourage the worms from residing in the upper soil layers.


Mow only if the growth dictates and use a high blade setting.


Any activity on the lawn while it is frosty, like walking on it or mowing it, will “snap” the grass blade and damage the lawn. It will recover eventually but this may not be until spring, if your lawn is frozen and you need to walk on it wait until the sun is high enough to melt the frost. You can speed up the process by using a hose spray to melt the frost before stepping on it. If the weather is so cold that a hose spray is not an option, then it’s too cold to mow or walk on the lawn.

Keep the lawn clear of fallen leaves twigs and branches.


 Look out for any signs of disease.


Now is the time to service your lawn care machinery and equipment ready for over wintering.

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