What is scarification?

It means simply the thinning out and removal of thatch and moss that has built up on the lawn surface. This thatch and moss deprive the root zone of water and oxygen, essential for a healthy lawn.

It’s only after noticing that the lawn is full of moss that people decide to act but by scarifying at least once a year you can help prevent it ever reaching this stage.

Scarification helps to thicken up your lawn, reviving the grass shoots and stolon’s. Doing it once a year, following the “little and often” theory, will produce the best results and will keep the lawn in much better condition as you’ll be in greater control of the thatch layer and any moss in the lawn.

When to Scarify?

The best times to scarify are in the Spring (March /April) and the Autumn (September /October).  Spring is generally best for a heavy scarify as the recovery rate is better. If scarifying in the Autumn, then we recommend a lighter scarify.

Follow up Feed and Seed

It is important to reintroduce the nutrients the ground needs for a speedy recovery after scarification that’s why we recommend putting down some feed right away as well as some seed and a light top dressing.

Before and After Scarification

If you require any help or advice with regards to Scarification then please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help

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