Moss Control


What causes Moss?

There are several cultural factors that cause moss to grow and once these have been addressed you will be well on your way to a healthy luxurious lawn to be proud of. At Smart Lawn Care it is our mission to help you to achieve this goal.

Poor mowing practices

One of the simplest causes of moss that can be addressed by the lawn owner is to improve mowing practices. Mowing your grass too short is one of the main causes of moss appearing in your lawn. Infrequent mowing also allows moss to flourish. Lawns should be mown “little and often” and no more than a third of the grass blade should be removed at one time. A sharp cut to the grass is also important to prevent yellowing and shredding of the grass tips.

Poor ground fertility

This is more often encountered and a major problem in new properties because of substandard soil used by house developers to keep costs to a minimum. At Smart Lawn Care we have worked closely with a leading fertiliser manufacturer to develop a premium bespoke product. This specifically tackles the nutrient deficiency peculiar to newly laid lawns on new housing development schemes. We are confident we can give you the luxury lawn to match your new luxury home.

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Inappropriate grass varieties for soil usage and climate conditions

On occasions lawn turf may be laid in a garden that is inappropriate for the needs of the household. For example, a lawn containing mainly fescue grass would be unsuitable for lawns used by young energetic children as a play area. Simply because it would wear out very quickly leaving bare patches where moss can thrive.

At Smart Lawn Care we can gradually alter the grass variety of your lawn to suit your garden requirements by aeration over seeding and top dressing.

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Soil compaction

Compaction of the soil provides a nice base for your moss to grow. Compacted soil prevents air, water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots through the soil. At Smart Lawn Care we can relieve these issues easily by carrying out “fracture tine” aeration. Contact us for a no obligation quotation.


Drought conditions cause grass to become stressed. This allows the hardier moss to take advantage of the weakened grass and get a foot hold. A proper programme of irrigation and gradually changing to a more drought resistant grass type would be beneficial.

Too much shade

A lawn with overhanging branches trees and shrubs will cause shaded areas. These will become bare over time. A good punning programme and over-seeding with a shade tolerant grass seed will help to improve the look of your lawn.

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Accumulation of thatch

Moss has a shallower and thinner root system than grass. The moss may be raked out, or de-thatched, utilising a good metal rake leaving the grass with stronger deeper roots behind.

Manually raking out moss is a very laborious and time-consuming process using hand tools.

Let us carry out this chore for you using our specialist scarifier.

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